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Subject: Re: The Last Monty Python ( 4 of 9 )
Posted by Kath

Of course MP deserves serious airplay and consideration as a worthwhile comic troop! What a question! I have enjoyed MP and the many offshoots by the origional members ever since I learned that they were a troop of comedians and not some oddly named snake.

I was very happy to see them returning to the screen together with "A Fish Called Wanda" and "Fierce Creatures."

Where are the rest of them? Is there a new movie out yet? I have enjoyed their brand of humor for years and find it timeless, sufficiently risque, and devoutly British (from an American standpoint, of course).

I just love their lumberjack song.

Absurdist comedy has many martyrs yet few enduring names. Long live Montey Pothon.
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