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Subject: Re: Proof of God (maybe) ( 13 of 27 )
Posted by Sean

"God is real. Where did the Universe come from? You'll say some chemical reaction."

Being a pedantic type, I feel I must leap in here and ask you to clarify a few points:

1: _Which_ Universe? Ours? Or all of the others postulated by assorted scientists, SF authors and that nice Mr. Adams chap?

2: What do you mean by "Where did the Universe come from?" (Presumably you're not talking about the font family, in which case the answer is 'Adobe', if memory serves.)
Current hypotheses vary, but the current #1 in Top Ten Reasons Why We Exist is that the Universe has never had a beginning or end as such; it just goes "Bang" and then "Crunch". It's a circular process, which means there is no more a 'beginning' to the cosmos as there is an 'end' to the M25 motorway.

3: Which of the hundreds of 'God' variants is "real"?
I can think of over twenty variants of 'Christianity'-genus religions off the top of my head. Not to mention the "God" referred to in Islam and many other Middle-Eastern religions. ("Allah" = "God" after all.)

4: "The majority of the world is religious. How could they all be wrong?"
The majority of the world is actually water. Water is quite frequently 'wrong'; ask a chemist if you don't believe me.

Personally, I prefer not to worship a God who _expects_ to be worshipped and have dirty great cathedrals, churches and other [expensive] monuments built in His[*] honour.

What's wrong with just being nice to each other because we _want_ to?


Sean Timarco Baggaley

[*] (The phallic symbolism used in religious architecture is a bit of a giveaway regarding God's gender, IMHO. A Goddess would likely have Done Something about it by now.)

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