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Subject: We are using wrong dictionaries ( 20 of 27 )
Posted by Alexander

It's hard to speak about something when you and I have different definitions for this thing. I've said several times what I in this messages meant under word "think", then I gave examples of this (DNAcid, lightning, medula, etc.). Then I explained what is consiouscness and gave its examples and differences with thinking. Then I asked the question, why is there only one part of the brain conscious at a time, while many parts are thinking at a time. Then I said, I never found an answer and thought about something other than organic brain. What exactly in this doesn't make sense?
The question about what's going to happen with agnostics was a joke. The statement about creation of many other universes doesn't make sense. First, why there's nothing in Bible/Torah/Coran/any other testament about other worlds. Second, God can't create worlds in the infinite space. Therefore, probability of God's creating the world in the particular place of the Universe is infinity/infinity which is not 1, but 0. In fact, location of God on some set place is infinity, so either God should be at all places at once, or it should be nowhere, or we should restate our idea of what God is and where it is. Once again, I'm not atheist, I'm what we call in Russia "the one who is suspicious (or sceptic)". I would not to call my ideas agnosticism, since a lot has been given to this word, which should not has been, and I do not give some possibility to idea of God, because he might be glad.


P.S. I've looked at some earlier debates about God, and I might say, will we ever stop fighting about religion? Why can't we discuss a thing without calling each other idiots, burning (or nailing) the one who has different opinion or sending somebody to GULAG?
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