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Subject: Re: proactive hitchhikers ( 21 of 32 )
Posted by mollykate

Being new to this site, and not knowing the laws of 42, i too entered a tid bit regaurding 42. Now lets take some things into concideration. First of all, if it hadn't been for that glorious number, i would have never read any of Douglas Adam's books at all. Admit it. That number is the most commonly referred to attribute in regaurd to his books and is maybe partially why they are so popular. It's like when you go to someone and ask, "can i ask you a question?" and they reply 42. Remember. Not everyone has gone through the struggle in this matter and don't really feel your pain. If it is such a big deal, then why doesn't someone just create a "42 forum" for all the people that do want to go on about it. that way, they are well marked and can be discussed. Usually most people are just kidding to this regaurd too. I'm not serious about mine at all. That is why i placed it in the half witted crap section, because i knew that was what it was when i started writing it.
A new commer,
btw, lol Jim, that was great

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