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Subject: Re: proactive hitchhikers... ( 7 of 32 )
Posted by Mike S.

Tony posted:

"The blinking text that says "check the MFAQ" is nice, but being a programmer and a system administrator myself, I'm constantly assaulted by users who ignore big blinking messages. It doesn't matter how many people you warn, there will always be some who ignore the warnings."

I will hereby admit that once upon a time, I was part way into posting a particular question to Mr. Adams, when I happened to notice that annoying blinking message (which, of course, only shows up in Netscape, since the kind folks at Microsoft have chosen not to implement this tag - maybe that means it should be converted to an annoying blinking animated GIF instead? Oh, I digress...) So, just for the fun of it, I right-clicked on the URL & skimmed through the MFAQ, and guess what? My question WAS answered in the MFAQ! What a concept! Thus, this message board was spared at least one redundant post, but unfortunately I have decided to counteract that by posting this message. But hopefully it will be taken as a public service announcement that "yes, kids, the MFAQ really DOES have answers to your frequently asked questions. Not only that, but it's fun to read, and has all sort of other good stuff in it too!"

- Mike S.

P.S. - and I'm a programmer and past sys. admin too. See, even the 'preachers' sometimes need to be preached to.
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