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Subject: Re: Can Monty Python do the movie? ( 5 of 8 )
Posted by Agrajag

Younger?, Ford cant be a young guy. He is from a far more advanced planet, given all the knowledge they have they've got to have alot more education, so he was probably 25 before he left shcool (or whatever system they have)after that he problaby spent several years in some job before he earned the experience and reputation good enough to start as a investigator for The Guide, where he probably also spent some years before he ended up here on earth where he spent 15 years before the Story starts.

Since guys who hang out together are usually roughly the same age, we can assume that Arthur is just as old as Ford

Other roles in the movie would include Slartibartfast, Slartibartfast won a special prize for creating Norway, I live in Norway, and i haven't met anyone old enough to remember that it wasn't here yet, And alot of them are far older then Monty Python.

And if you still think Python is to old to play any of the "humans" in the movie, I can think of many roles that merely requires a voice (Marvin, The Guide and the voices of doors, lifts, spaceships, elevators etc)

I was very happy about the Disney issue, however
And just one more question, why does everyone here refer to Douglas Adams as DNA. Is it short for Douglas N. Adams? And if so whats with the N.?

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone!
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