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Subject: Re: Do it! ( 10 of 15 )
Posted by CrazyOne

I understand the issues of just getting started and all, for sure. It's just that it seems if Internet Bookshop and can figure out shipping (okay, so they have larger volume, but still) than I'll bet you can too. :-)

Here, lessee, charges £2.52 per shipment plus £0.43 per CD to ship music to the US. For this individual CD order, for example, that's a rather managable £2.95 versus your £15.50. Delivery takes 5-7 days (order time to in your hand takes about 8-11 days they say). Book shipments cost £2.95 plus £2.00 per book. If you mix them, they start at £2.95, then the £2.00 per book and £.0.43 per CD on top.

Those costs (particularly books) are either more or less than Internet Bookshop ( depending upon how much you order. They charge 30% of the cost of what you order for shipping to the US, with a minimum £6.00 charge. Delivery times are similar to Amazon's as I've experienced them personally.

I share this merely to pass on info, in case it helps you seek out other options. Both companies seem to ship via normal Airmail, which takes about a week to get here.

PS undercuts you by about £3.00 on the radio series, in addition to the cheaper shipping. ;-)

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