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Subject: Final thought ( 13 of 16 )
Posted by Ann

Mr. Sims,

First, you misquoted me. I said "crap," not "load of crap." That's what happens when you don't really read the messages.

I don't feel I have to add anything since Mr. Adams well expressed the opinions of the majority of the board members. I hope that you're now satisfied that you've wasted his time and effort which could have been more productively spent. Still, I'm thankful that now if anyone plagues the board with more of this sort of rude "crap," we can just tell them to scroll down.

I'll also say that I had Mr. Adams sign my copy of Hitchhiker's when he gave a lecture at the University of Georgia. Rarely does any author patiently sit through ALL people in line for signing. He was kind enough to wait for the very last person--even though he had stood for almost two hours speaking to a large crowd. I *do* cherish that book, and I know that it may seem silly to you, but it's something that makes me happy, darn it! Mr. Adams is simply helping his fans by offering signed copies from his website. What do you think he should do? Give them out for free? Sheesh!

Funny thing is, I don't see your name on the University of Georgia alumni list. You better straighten your records out with the main office, I think.

Grad Student and
Part-time Secretary for
The University of Georgia
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