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Subject: Re: What computer does DA use ? ( 5 of 8 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

I think the Aqua interface looks very attractive, but I won't really be able to say what I think of it till I've spent some time using it. However, there are some things to react to immediately - the addition of browser panes (inherited from Next) will be extremely useful; the 'Save' dialog which is actually attached to its document should have been there a decade ago and the use of transparency on the desktop will often make life much simpler. The new, very big icons will turn out to be very useful if they automatically give you an actual picture of the actual document.

I hope that Quartz/PDF will, as more and more developers adopt it, make life so much simpler in terms of document management that we will look back at the last fifteen years with a kind of amused horror... 'You mean they really did that?

But the big deal is what lies underneath the surface. OSX gives you all the professional power and operational stability of UNIX, but puts the world's most elegant and user-friendly interface on top of it, so that any user can feel at home in it. Then you add NextStep (sorry, Cocoa) to that, which allows developers to build powerful new applications in a fraction of the time it used to take, and you have a total slam dunk.
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