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Subject: Re: I'm on holiday ( 11 of 19 )
Posted by Jen

I wouldn't be surprised if y'all have heard of me already. Of course I'm that noble young sprite from Jersey. Yes, that's it. I am attempting to write a term paper on HHGTTG, and failing miserably, not even trying to think up my thesis. In fact, I haven't even finished reading the book yet. But I'm sure it ends interestingly. And, like the schmuck I am, I sent a letter to the mail that we're not supposed to contact. Hey! I didn't know, so don't go scolding me. I am no crazed fan like I am guessin y'all are, but I find his book very funny. I was wondering if there was anyone here who could provide me with a topic for my paper. I mean, yes, there are lots of interesting aspects of The Guide, but I cannot be completely positive about where to start without a thesis. And I am a fool at even that. Well, I am prone to thank you all for even listening to an obnoxious girl from Jersey in The States, but hopefully I gave you all some comic relief. Thank you for your consideration and tolerance again. Bye!
P.S.:It's nice to know that our Mr. Adams has taken holiday. Everyone deserves a vacation in my opinion. And I'm completely hurt that I sent an impudent letter to that address. All I asked was if that was the actual address. I bet I look quite the fool. Curse me for being a newbie, eh? Bye all!
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