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Subject: Re: Love the internet, why? ( 13 of 18 )
Posted by Rob Knapp

I think that it all depends on what type of thing you do on the net. There are a lot of jerks on now-a-days (mainly due to AOL) that do not care about anyone besides themselves. This does not mean that everyone who uses the net is like this. I personally listen and pay attension to everyone I "talk" to as long as they seem sincere. Another reason why people tend to ignore others on the net is due to the sheer number of compulsive liers here. Most people do not care about what they do or say online because they can hide their identity. I truly think that this is quite pitiful and have never told a lie in the 5 years that I have used the net, and I use it 5-18 hours a day. Want to know my street address or telephone number? Check my ICQ info. I may be too trusting, but I believe that the only way to have others trust you, and thus listen to you, is to trust them in return. Just my $0.02.

Rob Knapp
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