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Subject: Re: Agnostapalooza ( 35 of 63 )
Posted by Owlish

Allison you said,
"I have no doubt that things exist beyond our perception, but I do not find it necessary to
associate this feeling with the existence of a higher being in a spiritual sense. "
Things aren't really "spritual" or "physical" those are words that we use to split things apart that really don't have a division (see Allen Watts). Are you saying there are no higher beings than people? why would something "higher" than us, or even "infinite" compared to us have to be "god" ?
Athiests seem to want to avoid the notion that there is anything "beyond" the ground that science has already uncovered.
Thiests are happy to believe that a set of allegories and myths are absolute truths.
Both seem to fear the notion that the world might not be flat. What difference does it make make? The root motivation of both is similar...
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