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Subject: The LAST word, on the THE word... ( 45 of 63 )
Posted by GOD - almighty

* Just about now, storms gather overhead swirling turbulently about,
creating a dark, ominous vortex. Thunder scythes itís way across the sky,
itís attendant rumble making light work of shaking your computer, yourself
and the Earth in general. Pealing across this wide vista of supernatural
forces, a single trumpet can be heard.Itís like a clarion call, for everyone
to be reconciled to the idea that silence & attention should to be observed,
not only as a general rule, but as a matter of policy *

* Then... *

Er...Hello, you probably know me...Anyway, at this stage, could I ask you
to stop. Yes, stop. Itís just that Iím laughing so much, tears are rolling
down my metaphysical face. Itís just so hard to keep focussed on the
million or so other vital things preying on my mind (that are vital for the
effective running of reality).

For all the true believers, one of the basic tenants of MY word is that
people should live in peace, love & harmony. Generally, respecting one
another. Honestly, you donít get Ďbrownieí points for saving people who
donít want to be so...

For all the non-believers like Mr.Adams. Needless to say, you will be a
rather suprised to see me. Sooner, rather than later... ;-)

...but given MY benevolent disposition, Iím sure we can come to some

><> - Like salmon swimming up stream, whilst the tide of humanity goes thither...

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