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Subject: the decimal ( 1 of 18 )
Posted by Hive

I've had the habit since middle school of putting 42 as the answer to math problems I had fought a losing battle against. I'm now a high school junior in Albuquerque. My math teacher finally called me over to her desk a while back and asked me how I kept arriving at the figure when quite clearly the answer could only be a decimal. I had to think fast. Should I just admit to being a smartass? No, that wouldn't do. I made a contemplative face and tried to think of a learning disorder which I could claim to have. Before I could think of one my teacher told me that she would assume that I wasn't trying if she saw me use 42 again as a substitution for the proper answer, and would not give me any credit on the paper. I just finished up an assignment where one answer was .42, and have left it blank. The world can be a cruel place.
By the way, Douglas, I've read that one of your favorite authors is Kurt Vonnegut. One of the best novels I've ever read was Mother Night. Do you know it? I only bring it up because I had been putting off seeing the movie for fear that the translation would be a disaster. I was actually quite shocked to find that it's one of the best movies I've ever seen. Nick Nolte is perfectly cast. It's refreshing to know that if done properly a movie can be as good as a book. Hope hope.


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