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Subject: Re: Casting Aspersions ( 54 of 59 )
Posted by Gag Halfrunt

I think we all Agree that Arthur, trillian, and Ford Prefect have English accents, If you really want to get down to the geekish finicky bits then the whole cast (the ones don't speak English anyway) would have an accent most recognisable to Arthur, (because of the Babel Fish!?) I.e. An Islington accent.

Anyway here is my ten penneth. Hugh laurie - Arthur
Trillian - someone quite good looking, Why would she be that good looking, This isn't hollywood after all. C.G. Marvin would be horrific, If you can make a computer model limp like it has damaged diodes down it's left side then I am a small shrimp. (I'm not incidentally)

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