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Subject: Re: My two cents ( 19 of 51 )
Posted by Gargamel

Yay Famke Jenssen. It's a shame she'll only ever be Jean Gray...

And I never think of Patrick Stewart as being whatsisname form Star Trek, I hate that show. I see him as a really talented actor - not a sci-fi character. But enough bitching.

Why don't Chris Barrie and the others from Red Dwarf appear as cameos? As the Improbability Drive does it's thing, they could just *zap* appear in the background and *whoosh* disappear again. Sorry, I'm tired.

But please please no Jim Carrey as Ix.

Nathan Lane as Eddie, the ship computer...

And Sylvester Stallone as the young dumb Vogon who chucks Arthur and Ford into the airlock!! Ha ha!!
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