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Subject: Re: Cast for H2G2 ( 49 of 51 )
Posted by Bondorf Smelman

I have a revolutionary new idea for the film appearance of Zaphod Beeblebrox. Close your eyes and imagine Bruce Willis with two heads, three arms, and a bit more hair. NOW HEAR ME OUT! Bruce may not seem like the most logical selection but take into account, for instance, THE WHOLE NINE YARDS in which he demonstrated that he was more than capable of playing a character who was very cool (like Zaphod) yet also barking mad (like Zaphod). The reason people like Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, or Michael Richards wouldn't work is that Zaphod has to be attractive. He clearly isn't smart and there has to be some reason for Trillian liking him. A few other cast ideas are Tim Curry (rocky horror picture show) as Vroomfondel the demanding philosopher, Eric Idle as Eddie the shipboard computer, Alan Rickman (dogma) as Marvin the paranoid android and further down the line when Restaurant is being made into a movie Jerry Seinfeld as Max Quordlopleen the emcee at Milliway's. Hugh Laurie, Arthur Dent. Jim Carrey, Ford Prefect. Liz Hurley, Trillian. Nigel Hawthorne, Slartibartfast. John Cleese, the book. Eric Close (now and again) and Johnathan Frakes(st:tng) as Shooty and Bang-Bang. Michael Palin as Mr. Prosser. Jason Alexander as Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz. James Earl Jones as Deep Thought. and finally, Brian Unger (the daily show) as the newscaster who interviews Gag Halfrunt and delivers the line "the secret is to bang the rocks together guys." Just sharing. That's all.
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