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Subject: Well... ( 10 of 51 )
Posted by Chevy Lumina

When _I_ suggest other sci-fi people, (and by the way: Chris Barrie WOULD be good; but I'm not sure exactly as _who_...) I DON'T mean it as an insult to Hitchhiker's. The reason _I_ suggest other sci-fi people is because I already know that they can DO sci-fi! It's not an insult to Hitchhiker's. I just think the movie might work better if the actors in it have the right "pedigree". Sci-fi acting is a specialised talent and I just think it might help if the movie had it.
Also other comedies. And the reason I like the idea of Red Dwarf people is...well, I'm sorry, but I just don't KNOW very many British modern-day actors! :( And some characters just _have_ to be British in my opinion. REAL Brits; no Americans doing a phony accent. Arthur of course, and I'm rather fond of Ford being from "Guildford" instead of, say L.A. (Zaphod could actually BE from L.A. though; he's got that surfer-dude vibe.)
I mean, let's put it this way: Which would you rather have:
1. Competent, experienced, sci-fi and/or comedy actors, or
2. Trendy hot mega-stars who are generally popular but have NO frickin' idea what to do with these weird lines.


As for the book? Well, no, a tribute to Star Trek WOULD be wrong; but it's too bad as Patrick Stewart really does have an _awesome_ voice. I just suddenly HEARD him saying some "Book" lines when someone suggested him earlier. But yeah, yeah, that voice is way too famous, I know...
I still think it might be neat to have Simon Jones do the Book. Maybe his voice isn't _quite_ right; but if you discount all the squeaking and shrieking he did as Arthur because his character was supposed to be frightened quite a lot of the time, his voice does HAVE a deeper register.
It wouldn't be _perfect_ casting. I just think it would be an AWESOME bit of continuity. Nothing wrong with "tribute"-ing yourself, as long as you only do it in moderation, what? :)


P.S. Next person who mentions the very IDEA of the _loathsome_ Jim Carrey playing the _superb_ Ford Prefect gets a pickle in the eye. GAH! :( The ONLY thing I could stand Mr. Carrey in was The Truman Show; and that's because for most of the movie he wasn't _doing_ "Jim Carrey"--his normal schtick. I know I said I liked Ford being frantic and twitchy, but not THAT twitchy! Also I'd prefer a (somewhat) younger, little guy with longer/fluffier hair, WAY less famous, and British.
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