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Subject: Well, Ya See... ( 22 of 25 )
Posted by Chevy Lumina

The reason I took it as being so "final" is because destroyed is a different thing from "caused to HAVE NEVER BEEN." That means that not only does Earth not exist now; but it _never_ existed at all, in all dimensions and universes.

That means Arthur and Trillian (and poor Fenchurch, too, wherever she went..) never existed, because the Human race never existed. They could escape onto ships all they wanted but it wouldn't matter WHERE they were; the time paradox would wipe them out of existence in a puff of "un-smoke" no matter how far they roamed. What I'm saying is, not being ON the planet at the time would not have done anything at all to save them.

Depressing, what? Well, if you see it that way....
Of course, the Golgafrinchams still existed, but without a planet to crash ON, I assume the B-Ark just kept drifting out there until they found some other planet or died from lack of supplies. (Considering that their captain would have died from lack of rubber duckies and a fresh soap supply, that doesn't bode well for the crew's behaviour in case of an emergency...) :P Even worse: They could have landed on Mars and froze/suffocated to death; or landed on Venus and gotten melted and squooshed. (Because those would be the two closest planets to the programmed destination.)

There could still be alternate Fords out there; I think that PARTICULAR one got wiped out, but since he's not "of" Earth, so to speak, other ones could still be alive in other universes.

The problem with someone else owning the Guide telling them to bring the Earth back is that, well...first of all, they'd have to have absolutely TONS of money and power, I mean, TONS, in order to get the Guide to go against the Philosopher's/Psychiatrists/whatever guild's wishes; because I doubt very much that Infinidim would want to loose all the money they got from that deal.
The OTHER main problem is that...with all the humans wiped out of existence, who would WANT the Earth back?! Who would _care_? It's just some random little primitive blue-green planet, after all...
Zaphod is still alive, and he DOES have money and/or influence, but he's unlikely.
Fenchurch would appear to be dead, but we're not sure, so I'd say it rests in her hands. Scary thought...

Anyway, that's how I read it, and now that I've thoroughly humiliated myself, I'll shut up. :P

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