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Subject: Details of french books and radio ( 4 of 8 )
Posted by MJ Simpson

Guide du Routard Galactique was published by DeNoel in 1982 (ISBN 2 207 30340-3) who also published Le Dernier Restaurant Avant le Fin du Monde and La Vie, L'Universe at le Reste - I have no information immediately to hand on books 4 and 5. The translator was Jean Bonnefoy.

Arthur is renamed Arthur Accros, Zaphod is Zappy Bibicy, Ford is Ford Escort, and Slartibartfast is Saloprilopette, which even from my limited French seems to maintain the idea of a name that sounds rude but isn't.

There was also a 12-part French radio series, simply called Le Routard Galactique, broadcast from November 1995.

MJ "Simo" Simpson
Research Archivist, ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha (official HHGG Appreciation Society)
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