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Subject: Re: City of Death - How much of it did you write? ( 2 of 4 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

I wrote it one long weekend at Graham's house. He kept me going on caffeine and essentially functioned as script editor on it.

The reason it is credited to 'David Agnew' is that it was originally commissioned from another writer - a regular and very strong contributor to the show - but he had fallen ill. I was script editor at the time. We were so much under the gun on the series that we hadn't really taken on board what trouble he was in till about the Thursday before the Monday on which the director was due to start work. Thursday evening Graham said to me 'Well, we don't have a script. You're going to have to do it then.' 'David Agnew' was the regular department pseudonym used when the script editor had to step in and take over a script. Didn't happen very often.
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