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Subject: Re: Life... ( 4 of 9 )
Posted by bakiwop

Life is too short to worry about all that (sheesh, how cliche!), and no, this isn't some rich guy telling you, it is a guy with student loans who just graduated college. Don't worry about making money, worry about making a good life for yourself. Since I can't seem to get my point across very well, remember what Mr. Adams wrote (sorry, have to paraphrase since I do not want to go look the actual qoute up!): "it isn't the little green pieces of paper that are unhappy, so stop trying to move them around so much" - basically, move yourself around, find wonderful, interesting, and stupendously fabulous things to do that are inexpensive or free - THERE ARE MANY THINGS TO DO - worrying overly much about finances should not be one of them!!!!!!

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