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Subject: Re: Life... ( 5 of 9 )
Posted by Kelsey Brookes


I left home at 17 to go to uni, studied Opera, then graduated three years later never wanting to have anything to do with music ever again. Within 3 months I was working with hi-tech music sales and support, and a year later got a job in Sydney, 1000km from my parents. I went from being poor, to desperately so, but what an experience!! I learnt about some of the best music hardware (Macintosh! Kurzweil!) and software around. I worked for a year there, got a $20,000 loan for recording equipment, and within a month was made redundant.

I spent a year on welfare creating music, surfing the net and freelancing as a studio tech guy for some major musos and studios in Sydney. My expenses far outstripped my income by huge margins. I ate lots of rice. From big bags. I wrote an album of contemporary music which I sang on, played the keys and produced. The songs were ok, the production was a bad as it gets! Just as all the court-summons started to roll in, with ever increasing amounts of red ink on outlining just how much money I owed, I got a job at Macquarie University, as the manager of their Centre for Contemporary Music Studies.

I also taught sound for the internet and multi media at the Computer Graphics College. I spent a wonderfull year at Macquarie, then got an offer from the Computer Graphics College to work full time at mildly better rates, but I get to learn everything there is to know about internet authoring, multimedia and desktop publishing production, among other things.

I'm now 24, I've lived away from home for 7 years, had a variety of amazingly interesting jobs, learnt more than I ever thought my brain could handle, dated some truly wierd and wonderful women and am in a cool, interesting and frenetic job that pays just enough to cover the Opera classes that I'm taking again.

I think Mr Adams said it best in one of the Dirk Gently novels, with the character of Mr Gently commenting on his own, unique method of Zen car navigation (and I'm sure I'm paraphrasing):

"I rarely get where I intend to go, but I often go where I need to be"
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