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Subject: The Importance of Third Parties in America ( 25 of 98 )
Posted by Jason Mitchell

It is importnat to vote for what you believe even if it does split the vote. The major parties will not change their platforms until they see their votes slipping away to other parties.

As a pro-choice conservative athiest republican who is opposed to activist courts making bad law like Roe v. Wade and Miranda v. Arizona (yes these are consistant views), I know the feeling of being ignored by my party. If I blindly vote for the party's approved canidate then I will never be represented. That's why I often vote for libertarians.

I want my party to recognize that we are not all christian conservatives.

I try to vote for the best man for the job. I had intended to vote for Harry Browne. After watching the PBS Frontline special on Gore and Bush, I decided that Bush will make a fine president. His views are tolerable to me, but more importantly, he knows how to delegate and make decisions. That's what makes a good leader.

As for Nader, I don't see the appeal of socialism. Neither he nor Gore are acceptable. The success of the United States is based on limited government (if you can call our government a limited government) and the free market. If socialism worked, then a european nation would lead the world.

One last thing, don't encourage people to vote. It only dilutes the power of your vote by having morons vote without taking the time to look at the canidates or issues.

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