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Subject: Re: Justices and Third Parties ( 37 of 98 )
Posted by Cagliostro

Yeah, I know Libertarians believe that police should exist, just not so much policing of every little thing. I was just rambling this morning before I put drugs into my system (coffee and cigarette smoke). Please forgive.
As for letting states decide whether abortions are legal or not, I say no. If worse came to worse, I'd prefer that method to making abortion illegal all over the country, but I'd still prefer to see it a federal thing that is legal.

In response to the Third Policeman, I think I posted earlier that if by some fluke Nader did get into office, he wouldn't be able to get anything done due to Congress. Clinton had a rough time for a while getting anything done because Republicans would vote down everything he proposed. Since I wasn't sitting there looking at the wording of everything, I don't know whether they were purposefully slamming doors in his face or if they were saving us from some bad stuff. I don't believe Nader has a prayer of getting in though. I think it is a more important vote to vote for Nader as it will lead to a more productive country who might actually listen to other ideas than those were are told to listen to. I don't like Bore or Gush, and I personally refuse to be told that those are my only choices.
Furthermore, the "experience" issue with Nader...Hell, I think that makes him more qualified if he has not held office: he might not have been bought yet.

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