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Subject: Oh, whoops.... ( 79 of 98 )
Posted by Cagliostro

I thought it was Mary Matlin, the deaf actress. I thought she must have read some lips on someone saying something ugly. I'm guessing now I was mistaken. Anyway, what did she say that Rush is bold enough to spit out?

As for the "liberal media," I personally find media pretty stodgy. There are a lot of news stories that I hear about other places than the general media. So I'm guessing both sides are both right and wrong, no matter how conservative or liberal they seem. Media is just dumb. They want to put of the story that will get the most hoopla about it. That is why you can't go anywhere without hearing about the damn election. Besides, the real winner is Nobody (I'm stealing from Robert Anton Wilson's webpage here). Nobody gained over 50% from people who didn't vote. The other two just got 25%. Therefore, Nobody won. Nobody got the majority.
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