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Subject: Re: Vote Ralph Nader (US) ( 10 of 98 )
Posted by Cagliostro

I suspect Bush will win this election. I absolutely cannot hold my nose and vote for Gore this election. It is a choice between overturning Roe Vs. Wade or stronger censorship on music/movies/television/possibly literature, etc. I can't vote for either one of them. I've voted Libertarian in the past couple elections, but I think I'm going Green this year. And yes, unless they raise the percentage again on Nader, I suspect the Green Party will be able to debate next year (it used to be 5% of the vote, then when Nader reached that, it suddenly zipped up to 15%). I feel by not voting for Gore, who I prefer to Bush, it sends out a message that the current system is not working and we need more than one party (disguised as two parties) in this country. While I seriously doubt Nader will get elected, it sounds like a lot of people are voting for him, and I think it will bring about the right kind of change to our country.
Something else to think about is if by pure fluke Nader does get into the White House, will he be able to get anything done with the Senate stacked against him? Probably not, is my opinion. But at least minds will be altered that there is more than just two people running, and it might actually be about issues, and not a vote for who you hate least.
Viva la Revolution!!!
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