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Subject: Re: Dna signs the most expensive Guide ( 7 of 7 )
Posted by CrazyOne - Greg

Hm, well, 5 separate books leatherbound, etc. would cost a little more, that's true (I was thinking it was one volume with all 5 books), but we're still talking, as you said, 5 "easy" installments of nearly $60. Since there are 5 books, that's, uh, let me think, ;-) 60 bucks a book. If DNA doesn't remember (and so far it doesn't seem like it) then I wonder just how authentic this "personally signed" claim is. Where did you hear about it? Couldn't find a homepage for Easton Press but did manage to find out they (surprisingly enough, duh) specialize in putting out these fancy editions of previously published books.
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