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Subject: Thanks! (to DNA as well; concerning cheese power) ( 1 of 6 )
Posted by Jean

Ok, now it's time for me to say my (also slightly sappy) thank-yous :)

Mr. Adams, I've always been a great fan of you and your works. (But of course--why else would I be posting on this forum?) However, I owe you one! You helped my friend and I find the courage and inspiration to try publishing our lovely little book on the mystical powers of cheese (it's a really, really long story, believe me). That's no mean feat, considering that we're still high schoolers and the subject matter is a bit odd, to say the least. At first we were doubtful that any publishers would deign to even look at our manuscripts. And after the two of us sent it off to gazillions of people but received no response in return, we considered giving up. Then I realized that you had made an entire career out of writing (absolutely fabulous) books about the number 42, two-headed space aliens, fish that you can stuff in your ears, Infinite Improbability Drives, and so forth. That fact alone convinced us that we actually had a chance of getting the darn thing published.
Now we're closer than ever to finding a publisher--and without your indirect support, we could never have gotten this far. Thanks...

By the way, whose feet
are those in the graphic at the very top of this page? (I'm referring to the blue-tinted one right under the "" logo, with all the shoes).

~Jean, who scribbles quotes from DNA's books on her textbook covers--it makes for interesting decoration!

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