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Subject: Re: Maggie and Trudie and Grammar ( 14 of 22 )
Posted by Mike (the originator)

Wow! It's amazing how many assumptions were made about so many things from one question. To anyone that is interested, I'm quite versed on the rules of grammar and understand their importance. I also did not mean to imply that there was anything wrong with Maggie and Trudie. To rephrase, Mr. Adams, have you studied a great deal of grammar, or do your writing abilities come more naturally? As someone mentioned about great musicians not being able to read music, some great writers never studied much either. Take Kurt Vonnegut, for example. His education lead him to a masters degree in anthropology, and he never formally pursued any training in writing.

Well, I'm glad that my original question stirred so much discussion. I'll have to think of another one.

Thanks for the comments,
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