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Subject: What happened to Dirk's glasses ( 1 of 4 )
Posted by Tim

Dirk Gently appears not to have specs in the second book.
He gets a lot of whacks to the face in "Teatime" but there doesn't seem to be any mention of them.
Mr Gently doesn't strike me as someone who could run a set of contact lenses.

I think there are three explanations myself.
1) The fictional. The changes to time in the first book mean he no longer needs glasses.
2) The Pretentious Lit Crit. In the first book, Richard MacDuff is the Douglas Adams-alike character Dirk Gently is a 3rd person character but in the second Dirk is the Douglas Adams-alike character and DNA-alike characters don't wear glasses.
3) The probable. Mr Adams forgot.

What do other people think?
If I can answer this it'll stop bothering me and I can get on with getting a life.

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