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Subject: Re: Chaos ( 6 of 8 )
Posted by Weird Billy, the Janitor

Whenever I compose emails or internet posts, I check my spelling based upon the audience. That is, if I were to send an email to an author or poet, I would most certainly check my spelling. However, if I were to compose a letter to send my brother imprisoned in Kansas, then I could not care less about the spelling, as he wouldn't recognize it as either correct or incorrect. In sum, I enjoy the freedom of choice I have given myself in deciding whether or not to spell properly.
As for Americans being the worst spellers, my thought is that it directly relates to a lack of care, or, perhaps, laziness. Americans tend to want things done quickly, often without regard to correctness. As such, many Americans tend not to check their spelling, even though they may, in fact, be able to spell quite nicely. That being said, there are many that could not spell their way out of a bowl of alphabets.
Finally, this grammatical error irks me the most: the improper use of the phrase "I could not care less." Most people say and write, "I could care less if she has no lips." This implies that the speaker/writer does, to some extent, care that the poor female hasn't got any lips. The proper way would be, "I could not care less. . ." which means that I care so little that I could not care any less. Thank you.
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