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Subject: Lojban ( 33 of 58 )
Posted by Weird Billy, the Janitor

>. The one I have begun to
> work with recently is called Lojban. A language is being constructed
> that is logical. It will take various parts of different languages and
> incorperate them into a new logical language that can not change.

I've never heard of Lojban until reading this thread, and, perhaps, I should learn a bit about it before commenting. But, as normal, I enjoy commenting with an utter ignorance of the topic! At any rate, as everyone knows, language, the ability to learn language, is a built-in, innate characteristic of all humans. The development of language is a natural phenomenon, a natural evolution. Would not creating an immutable language stifle the natural evolution and development of this, thereby, perhaps, stifling, on down the evolutionary road, humans ability to develop language?
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