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Subject: Re: Why Johnny can't spell ( 6 of 58 )
Posted by Krissy

Spartus, I taught myself to read around age 2. I read at an extremely fast rate and retain something like 97% of whatever Ive read in minute detail. (I was tested a while ago). I just simply cannot spell. I tend to spell everything phonetically and have difficulty remember which vowels are the correct ones. I have lived so many different places that I am completely unable to sound out the word with regards to the vowels. What you an e sounds like and what someone from D.C. thinks an e sounds like are two entirely different things. Oftentimes one will sound like an a to me and the other an i. Learning Standard American Dialect helped somewhat, but many spellings are still extremely different than their phonetic equivalent. Im not slow, Im literary, Im bright and have a knack for retaining precise details about what I read and hear, I simply cannot spell. It used to drive my teachers berserk.
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