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Subject: DNA - how do you cope? ( 1 of 6 )
Posted by Noel Wade

Just a quick question for you amongst all the Birthday wishes - how have you coped through the years with your popularity? I've been content with obscurity for years; and recently an instructional website of mine has become something of a hit (teaching computer game level design, if you're curious).

But while garnering 700 hits a day is (extremely) small potatoes compared to anything close to the attention and fan base you undoubtedly have, I find people's desire to consult, chat, ask advice (as I sit here asking you for advice - mental note to slap self), etc. to be overwhelming at times. I suppose the information age makes it even easier for people to pester you; but is there anything special you have found that "works" for you to help avoid this stress or pressure? Any special escapes or anything??? I lived close to Hollywood for a long time; where the only solutions are drugs and alcohol it seems.... those don't seem to appeal to me; and I would be interested to know how you manage it. (aside from getting a clever agent *grin*) - Thanks for indulging my curiosity!

--Noel Wade
For anyone interested, its:

P.S. In case any TDV'er reads this: Thanks to all of you for the site and the forums!

P.P.S. Random thought: Can anyone say if there actually is a Horse and Groom pub in Islington? I found one in Windsor when I was in London in '96; but didn't get a chance to get over to Islington from where I was staying (near the Barbican Tube stop).

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