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Subject: Kate Schechter ( 1 of 3 )
Posted by fishboy

Hello, Mr. Adams. I recently stumbled onto your website by accident, and am very impressed by it. I especially like this info-forum; it's a wonderful format for communicating with your fans. I've got a question that's been annoying me for years; maybe you can help me out. About five years ago you were on Jim Bohannon's radio talk-show - I think you were promoting 'Mostly Harmless.' Anyway, I remember one of the callers to the show asking you about the character Kate Schechter from 'The Long Dark Tea-Time of The Soul,' if she was based on an actual person you knew. The trouble is, I don't remember your answer. I have a friend who listened to the same show; she doesn't remember the question and thinks I'm nuts. Please help!

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