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Subject: BILL MURRAY was robbed! ( 11 of 30 )
Posted by Kilgore Dent

Bill didn't even get a nomination for Rushmore. The Foreign Press nominated him before most people had even seen the movie, and now that it's widely available, the blasted Academy passes him up for someone that simply said his lines (Ed Harris), someone who every time he alters his voice gets an Oscar (Billy Bob Thornton), and someone who did comedy, just like Bill, but without any seriousness that I could see from the clip (Geoffrey Rush). I can't comment on James Coburn, it's indeed about time he got a gold guy, but Bill's Mr. Blume was such a neat, tragic character.

On the subject of Pig In The City, I loved it. I think people looked at it the wrong way, expecting more heartfelt things, when in actuality it's nothing like the first movie. It's a richly bizarre piece of surreality gone funky. Great stuff.

--Kilgore Dent
Formerly the incorrectly spelled Ghenghis Khan.
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