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Subject: Re: Last Chance To See ( 9 of 10 )
Posted by Sir Muckford K. Wyrmbath

I'm embarrassed to say, I haven't even managed to get a hold of this one ("Last Chance to See") yet. I'm only beginning to realize how very much I must be missing out on. From what I hear of it, it's the type of book a vegan like me might be interested in. Well, I feel really behind the times. At least I have my trusty old copy of "The Meaning of Liff" sitting here on my computer desk as a consolation prize. Rescued it from a cardboard box sitting, if you would believe it, in the pouring rain, out in front of a used bookstore in Wallsend last year. Egads, what could the chap have been thinking. Anyway, discovering it was probably the most memorable moment of my entire visit to England (excluding that petty detail of being finally reunited with my then-fiance ;) Mr. Adams, I do hope you have the chance to follow up on LCTS, but even if you don't, in your shoes I would probably consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to view so many rare and natural wonders at all. Hopefully the pleasure you derived from the experience compensates somewhat for the lack of financial reward? In any case, I probably won't make it on my first safari 'till I'm well-past retirement age, so I ought to be utterly green with envy, but strangely, aren't.

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