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Subject: Re: IMAX involvement ( 4 of 4 )
Posted by Ian Malcolm

I live on an often neglacted island in Nova Scotia. I'm pretty close to an IMAX theater, couple hundred miles away, on the mainland. I'm a student. If you open the movie in IMAX, Wendsday morning (before a test), I'll drive the five hour trip, starting sometime late at night, for the however many hours waiting in line. One day of school isn't that important. I've been waiting for this movie ever since that day I sat in the library reading of how someone finnaly figured things out, only to be nailed to a tree, for the first time. To heck with Star Wars. The only problem would be the VHS/DVD format. I know some IMAX movies have moved there, but I haven't seen them. I'm sure you could do something with DVD, and by then I'll own one. If only for the movie.

Phil Hartman was and always will be Zaphod.

-Ian Malcolm

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