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Subject: other people's cash and directing ( 1 of 3 )
Posted by goodfinger

I recall that a couple of times you've said that to do 'something' would take a lot of other people's money and (you) would not be justifyed to do it or, with the HHGG movie, the film company has control and so its a case of give and take (I assume, or words to the effect), (the first instance was possibly to do with updating one of the computer games).

If therefore money was no problem would you get the film made exactly as you wanted it?. (making the TV series you settled to keep two of the radio cast, when you wanted to keep all)

You appear (to me) to be fairly happy for someone else to direct the film and do their vision of hitchhikers (in consultation with you etc.) have you ever considered directing the film yourself

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