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Subject: More Chances to See? ( 1 of 4 )
Posted by Caroline Weller

Greetings Douglas,

I attended the Science Forum in Canberra on Friday night. I really enjoyed it (No I wasn't one of the loonies who got up for questions!) I've never understood why some people hear the words "soapbox statements" when they get asked for questions!

I also read "Last Chance to See" last year and loved it! I noticed that you made mentioned at the Forum the endangered cows in the minefields: do I sense an update to the book? I found the articles here on the kakapo and will refresh myself BUT it would be great to have an update on the attempts to save the dolphins and other animals listed.

Maybe a little something on one of your sites, so that it could be updated regularly, perhaps by fans? Just a thought.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Canberra.


Caroline Weller (nee Shanahan)


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