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Subject: Re: Hologram ?? long and thanks for all the fish ( 2 of 4 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

I think that about 50,000 were printed with the 'hologram' cover, maybe more. So it's not that rare, I'm afraid.
There was no grand plan behind them. Someone from Pan books happened to be in, I think, Hong Kong or maybe Japan and came across these little things and decided to buy up an industrial quantity of them and incorporate them into the design of 'So Long...' I thought it worked very well and was very pleased with it. Inevitably a lot of people speculated on their significance and what I meant by them.
Sadly, not long afterwards, a breakfast cereal company (I'm not making this up, by the way) also bought a ton of them to give away in cereal packets, so the thing no longer seemed quite as idiosyncratic.
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