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Subject: Re: Mr. Douglas Adams ( 3 of 12 )
Posted by Michelle

Whoa is right... :)

Umm...looking as I type. It's the compilation of Hitchhiker's Guide to Young Zaphod Plays It Safe...from Wings Books. (The more than complete hitchhiker's guide: 5 stories/by Douglas Adams.

ISBN 0-517-69311-9
A 1989 edition published by Wings Books, distributed by Outlet Book Company, Inc., a Random House Company, etc etc.

I'm doubting that this typographical one that will have made you happy. But the fact that I never noticed it is completely humorous. Hopefully it's only in my edition...twould be a shame if it were in more.

PS Thanks for the reply, and all the fish
PPS If your ever in any chats with the public I would love to come sit in.

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