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Subject: Re: Not just a British thing ( 8 of 11 )
Posted by Jon Nelson

It's not just the British that run into things for no good reason, in broad daylight, whilst thinking of something else. I once ruined a perfectly good Gitane road bike, a two week old bike helmet, and a couple of bones in my right hand when I ran smack into the back of a parked car. A 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS, to be exact. Luckily for my bank account but not for my person, this classic automobile came equipped with steel bumpers, trunk, and strong safety glass in the rear window - all of which displayed incredible resistance to such forces as I could, though travelling at roughly 35 miles per hour and at age 15 weighing in at about 130 lbs, inflict upon it. The bumper dented slightly. The owner eventually had to move the car forward in order to remove what was left of bike, so firmly was it wedged under his car. To this day I don't remember what I was thinking about (must've been the bump on the noggin), but it sure seemed damned important at the time.

What I *do* remember vividly was the nice elderly gentleman who owned the car gamely trying to defend my stupidity to the obvious amusement of the EMTs buy telling them that it might be partly his fault for moving the car off the front driveway and into the street for the first time in 17 years. Those EMTs took smirking and snickering to level I'd previously thought unattainable by anyone outside of Royalty. The medical report (I was kept under observation for a few hours with a grade-B concussion, helmet or no helmet) made it hard for me to get them to accept my driver's license examination that year. ("Have you ever been in an accident prior to possessing a license? Describe.")

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