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Subject: Re: Macintrash over PC? ( 25 of 41 )
Posted by Taran

In 100 years, I wonder whether future descendants of apes (this includes our descendants) will remember this argument. Will it make it into the history books?

Is this the Armageddon that Nostradamus predicted?

Is this really worth genocide?

Will we be forced to move to a new OS by the mass hysteria effects of a Spielberg movie?


An OS is an OS is an OS. Who cares? As long as you get what you need.

Please. Buy what you want. You control the market.

In fact, if you send me LOTS OF MONEY (more than $10), and a list of requirements (less than 10), I'll write you an OS. Do you know what you want?

I do.

An interface with all items in my reality. Something that makes me coffee the way I like it - when I like it - and delivers it to me when I type long responses to message boards. Something that reminds me of impending hygiene disasters. Something that can get me a date, and not of the fruit variety.

Ah well. I hope someone gets my point.
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