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Subject: Re: Question for Douglas ( 3 of 5 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

The first quote I wasn't aware of, but I'm not sure that Picasso was necessarily someone who knew a great deal about computers.

The second one is very interesting. I didn't know it in this form, from Scott Fitzgerald, but I suspect that Fitzgerald must have been familiar with an earlier remark by Keats in a letter to his brother George, when he spoke about something he called Negative Capability (and I'm going from memory here...) 'by which I mean the ability to hold two contradictory ideas in the mind at the same time, without any irritable searching after fact or reason.'

I did have the Keats line in mind when devising the 'tea/no tea' puzzle, but I was also thinking Zen philosophy - something I know next to nothing about, but which I always find enormously entertaining and attractive whenever I encounter it. I didn't have any particular Zen thing in mind, just a general, half-understood Zen-ness.
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