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Subject: UK Republic? pah ( 11 of 11 )
Posted by Lord Lopper

Why should we become a republic?
What advantages does it bring?

Greater democracy or personal freedom? - I doubt it.

Is it that it is too inhumane to subject human beings to the lifetime of misery of being a British royal?
If so the monarchy can modernise - perhaps following other European monarchies' lower profiles

Is it because it is outrageous for the state to foot the bill for the affluent royal lifestyles whilst many live in poverty?
If so then consider the role the royals play, the value they add to the country in terms of foreign trade and tourism - I'd be very surprised if they didn't pay for themselves several times over.

Think who might end up being president if we had been a republic for the last 10 years?
Margaret Thatcher
The Spice Girls
Noel Edmunds

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