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  • 12.Sep.2001 01:58:52 recent events - Filip

    Subject: recent events ( 1 of 1 )
    Posted by Filip

    Hi, I'm a regular at this site for those of you who don't know. I'm usually in the Community Forum or the HWC forum here at but I'm posting here now because there are a lot of people who come in here that never enter the other forums.

    this is what I found on the starwars fansite I thought it was good, and if any of you have a homepage with a lot of traffic, please post this or something like it there.

    Hey guys. To let you know, the site for the red cross is down when I last checked. But I just got back from donating and when my wife gets off work she wants to go do the same thing. If you want you can post the phone number (1-800-give life) 1-800-4483-5433.( Don't ask me why the eight digit number works but it does) to the red cross or post the site to several cities to show people where they can donate blood which will be desperately needed.

    this is the url to where I found it.
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