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  • 12.Sep.2001 03:52:05 Don't Panick.... - richard

    Subject: Don't Panick.... ( 1 of 1 )
    Posted by richard

    It's (strangely enough) exactly 4 months after
    profeser adams' death...

    But what does it mean?????

    (crowd clammering, demaning,,, WHAT DOES it mean????)

    it only means, that
    humans are not "quite,-3/4<X< "

    (range x >= 0 and x <= 1 .. ok, if X wants to have a fling. good for it!!!!!)
    ready to join the galactic union....

    (if indeed, there *is* one.....

    (nite all...

    Music: The least harmfull thing that Earth has given to
    our universe...

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