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Subject: We see your tears from the heavens, and hear your words in the wind ( 1 of 3 )
Posted by Whitepalm42

With the effect of recent events in the world I must wonder. Has the world lost it's way? Have we forgotten all the lessons we know so well?
I look to the sky of silence and ask for our great universal commedian to send us hope. Douglas must have a tear in his eye as he watches below. His talent for the obviousness in this life is missed right now more than ever. We cannot loss our hope in this time of need. We cannot hide under our towel. We must sling it over our sholder and go on. I'm sure Douglas is hoping for that.

As the stars fill the moonless sky the wind carrys his words. The tales and storys of a universe, he only had time to tell us a little about, drift on these breezes. And in them we hear words of hope and encouragement. And prayers for those we have lost.
Douglas we hope you can meet our lost souls and give them our love. And tell them the tales of aurther, and dirk.

We see your tears from heaven, and hear your words in the wind.

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